Consulting a Personal Injury Attorney

Consulting a Personal Injury Attorney

Most people do not have many occasions to consult with a San Antonio Car Accident Attorney. The whole process can seem mysterious and intimidating, especially if you have been injured. The attorney-client relationship is an important one, and it is important for you to know as much about it as you can. Experienced personal injury attorneys know the importance of a good attorney-client relationship, and want to help you.accident - personal injury lawyers

The Initial Interview

Many attorneys will tell you that the first meeting with a new client is the most important meeting. The first meeting is your chance to “size up” your lawyer and make sure that you are comfortable having him or her represent you. It also gives your attorney the chance to make a preliminary evaluation of your case.

At the first interview, your attorney will ask you to explain what happened to cause your injuries. You also will be asked how the injuries affect you. Do not be surprised or offended by difficult questions, or questions that may seem like your attorney does not believe what you are saying. If there are points that make your case seem less strong, it is important to learn these points early on to be able to refute them later. You should also not be embarrassed by the intimate, personal nature of some of the questions you will be asked, particularly about your medical condition. In a personal injury lawsuit, many of the facts needed to prove your case involve things you may not otherwise like to discuss. While it may be uncomfortable for you, remember that it is important that all the information about your condition be known.

The initial interview is usually when your attorney will tell you what he or she thinks of your case. You should learn if your case is a good one and if your attorney thinks it will succeed. You should also learn what type of fee arrangement will be made. Most injury cases are handled on a contingency basis; that is, your attorney receives a percentage of any judgment or settlement you are awarded. You should find out what the percentage is, and how the expenses of handling your suit will be paid.

At the first interview or shortly thereafter, you will be asked to sign authorizations for release of information. These releases will allow your attorney to collect information about you that normally is kept confidential. Examples of the types of information that may be obtained includeCar Accident Attorneys

Medical records
Employment records
Insurance information
Police reports
Treatment records

Your attorney will also give you any specific instructions he or she may have for you. The most common instruction is not to talk to others involved in your case. Most attorneys will ask that you refer any questions or requests in your case to him or her.

Pursuing Your Case

You and your attorney should stay in close contact with each other while your case is going on. You should feel free to contact your attorney about any questions or concerns you may have, and you should welcome questions and meeting requests from your attorney. There are many things that you may be called upon to do to pursue your case (such as testifying at a deposition, or giving answers to written questions known as interrogatories). Some of what will be asked of you may seem burdensome, but your cooperation is a vital part of the success of your case.


Your attorney is working to help you. The best type of attorney-client relationship is the one in which your attorney also works with you, and you work with your attorney. An experienced personal injury attorney knows the importance of good client relationships, and will work with you, as well as for you.

Who Compensates You For Injuries Sustained During An Auto Accident

Who compensates you for injuries sustained during an auto accident

Auto Accident Injury Attorney

If you suffer injury or damages in a car accident through the fault of another person, group or company, that person or business is liable to you for monetary compensation. To determine responsibility, the court will search for evidence proving the carelessness of the accused party involved in the collision. The party which is determined to have been more negligent is considered responsible for at least part of the damages incurred. In order to legally force that party to pay you the compensation finances you deserve as a victim, you must hire an auto accident injury attorney and get some reputable legal advice on how you should act and what will be the fastest and most efficient way to manage your claim.Cr Accident Attorneys

It is actually in your best interest to hire a law firm that will not only file a claim with an insurance company of the party at fault on your behalf, but deal with all the following court procedures and litigation. Often times the available insurance policy may turn out to have insufficient limits to fully cover the damages you have sustained. In case this happens, a skillful negligence lawyer will research on all other sources of an auto accident compensation and do his best to earn you the money you deserve. Additional finances may be obtained by other parties that were present at the accident scene and may carry a certain amount of fault as well.

Those can be:

Owners of the vehicle that caused the accident if it is not owned by the driver at fault
Employees of a company – if the auto accident was a work-related one
The company that manufactured the vehicle if the accident was caused by a malfunctioning auto part
Different agencies and government units can also share the fault
auto accident attorneys
No matter the cause, an auto accident injury attorney can check all the options that can help you obtain a full and fair compensation for your losses and pain. A high monetary relief will not only cover your medical bills but will also provide you with financial security for many days to come. That is why you should carefully choose your lawyer and not hurry to hire the first legal advisor you meet for a consultation. Our firm has a winning record of high compensations. We will be happy to provide a free consultation. This will allow you to get to know the attorney. He will tell you about the procedures to come and inform you of the settlement you should demand.

What To do After a Car Accident – Personal Injury Lawyers

What To do After a Car Accident – Personal Injury Lawyers

1. What should I do if Im involved in an auto accident? Document the entire situation making daily notes of the effects of your injuries. Also report the accident to the DMV, do not admit responsibility, and do not discuss it with anyone other than your attorney.

2. Can I get ticketed for speeding even though I am going the posted speed limit? “Basic Speed Law” says that you must never drive faster than is safe for the current conditions. Speed limit signs state maximum speed under good conditions only.

3. How long will it take to get money in my case? Settlement negotiations for your personal injury generally do not begin until you have completed all necessary medical treatment. The property damage portion of your claim is frequently resolved very soon after your accident attorn eys

4. I didn’t go the doctor right away and now I have pain? You should always see a doctor after an accident even if you’re not feeling pain right away. Be sure to document when you noticed the pain and when you went to the doctor.

5. Do I need an attorney? It is always in your best interest to consult an attorney. Remember, the insurance company on the other side will have a very experienced adjuster or lawyer negotiating for them.

6. The other driver doesn’t have car insurance; how am I supposed to collect money from him now? If a person is uninsured or underinsured in an accident, their personal assets become at risk. If you have uninsured motorist or underinsured motorist coverage on your own policy, we may be able to proceed against that insurance policy.

7. Will my insurance company pay for my medical bills while I wait to go to trial? Often times, yes, to a certain amount and then they will get reimbursed once the case is complete. We will review your medical coverage option with you.

8. How am I supposed to get back and forth while my car is in the shop? Check your insurance policy; many will have a clause that allows you to rent a car. Be sure to track the expense involved as this is considered a cost that you suffered and ultimately compensable.

9. I cant work; can I file for unemployment even though litigation is pending? No, however, you may file for state disability benefits.

10. My car hit a pothole; who is responsible? Damage caused by improper maintenance or repair of roads and highways may be responsible for damage to your vehicle. Generally, responsibility lies with the government agency responsible for this maintenance. (For example – if it was a pothole in a city street, the city would be responsible.)

11. How much money can I expect to get in a settlement? There are many factors considered in the amount of a settlement. Loss of wages, pain and suffering, property loss, etc. may all be considered. Your attorney must look at the facts in your individual case to arrive at an estimated amount of reasonable settlement.

12. Should I settle ahead of trial? A court trial can be a lengthy proposition but the judgment in court may be much larger than in an agreed settlement. You must weigh the benefits and risks of trial in making your decision.truck accident lawyers

13. The other drivers insurance company offered me money. I haven’t even hired an attorney, but I could really use the cash. Should I take it? No. Tell the insurance company that you’ll get back to them. In the meantime, contact an attorney immediately. Often times an insurance company will offer a minimal amount of money in return for your signature stating that you wont sue them. Never take an insurance check without first consulting an attorney.

14 Can I afford an attorney? Normally, in cases such as these, you don’t pay the money upfront. When we win your case, your lawyer will receive a percentage of the settlement amount as payment in full. You and your attorney will agree upon this percentage amount at the time you retain your attorney. More information on this website